Software Test Management Tools: Test Cases and Software Testing Results Management


Commercial Test Management Tools


Agile Designer

Agile Designer lets organizations design clear, unambiguous logic, user stories and test cases all in one go. Having designed the perfect set of test cases, organizations can find and make the ‘right data’ and link it directly to their requirements.

ATD-Automated Test Designer

Automated Test Designer, (ATD) is an easy to use windows client / server tool designed to create Test Cases, Test Data and Automated Test Scripts based on Requirements that uses a central repository. Since these Test Cases are based on actual, documented requirements, the test team can be sure that they are testing 100% of the application’s functionality.

Automation Planner

Automation Planner is a suite of tools that create a Keyword Driven Testing Framework, which makes the creation of automated test cases easy. It allows every tester to plan, design and execute test automation scripts and guarantees the test automation success. Automation Planner is integrated with all leading tools such as QTP, TestPartner, Test Complete and more which carry out the actual automated script execution.

Blueprint Requirements Center

Blueprint Requirements Center is a complete requirements solution for definition and collaboration, enabling authors to define requirements using rich text, UI mockups, use cases, business process, data and roles. Blueprint also uses rich simulation to visually communicate requirements to stakeholders in distributed or local organizations.


Bontq is a revolutionary bug and issue tracking system. It allows you to manage projects and track bugs very easy because of its clean and user-friendly interface. The essential part of Bontq is it's Desktop Client. Using Desktop Client's functionality you can Capture Screenshots, Record Videos and attach them right to your items.


codeBeamer is an affordable and complete Application Lifecycle Management solution that covers all phases of the development process including requirements, test, and risk management as well as demand management, development management, and DevOps. In addition, it offers a comprehensive wiki and advanced document management functionality. Unlike other solutions, these modules are organically integrated in one platform. There is no need to maintain separate installations and product databases. Due to this highest level of integration, all of codeBeamer’s features work across all modules and entities, e.g. baselining covers the entire project information including wiki and document management.


Cradle is a multi-user, multi-project requirements management and systems engineering environment. It supports all aspects of requirements management including capture from external documents, change tracking and analysis. It supports the construction of analysis, architecture and design models. It supports test management, system verification and user acceptance. It links all of this information together into a traceable, searchable whole. Cradle is supported on Windows/UNIX/Linux. It has web-based and non-web-based UIs. An API is available for C/C++/VB/VBA.

DevTest Studio

From test case creation, planning and execution through defect submission and resolution, DevTest Studio tracks and manages the complete quality lifecycle. Implement software quality management processes earlier in the development lifecycle to manage shorter deadlines and the increasing complexity of contemporary testing challenges with DevTest Studio.

FIT TestSpec

TestSpec is an integrated FIT Module which can be used to design and manage your complete testing process. TestSpec offers a quick and efficient, cost effective method to keep track of Test Cases, their execution and progress reports.


Controlling the application's development life cycle is a hard task, since different types of people are involved in it. Software development professionals, quality assurance experts and clients, all have to participate in the process in order for the software to answer its requirements and have a successful release. By dominating all aspects of the process, informUp's suite assists software developers to manage the process with dashboard reports, workflow queues and an assortment of features and customizable screens and fields.

Kanoah Tests

Kanoah Tests is unique on test case management, but also offers an unprecedented level of the integration with JIRA. It allows the QA team to work closely with developers and product managers.

QPack Testing Tool Test Management

QPack Software testing tool of Orcanos assist you in test management as integral part of your application lifecycle management. With QPack's software testing tools, the test planning phase begins straight away, guaranteeing automatic requirements traceability.


QualityMate (QM) suite of tools enables the organizations to industrialize the software development process providing support for different process activities like Requirements Management, Tests Management and Issues Management. QualityMate solution does not imply you to work in a pre-determined way or apply a specific methodology.


Ranorex is a software testing tool that allows you perform functional testing on desktop, web or mobile applications. It supports many user interface (UI) technologies that includes Java, HTML, C#, Flex/Flash, Android, iOS and Silverlight.


SmarteQM is an integrated QA Test Management System that manages your project's requirements, releases, test cases, issues, defects, and tasks in one unified environment. SmarteQM integrates with both the SmarteSuite and a wide variety of third party products to provide you with a unified control center for management of your test projects – whether they are manual or automatic. SmarteQM also provides an executive dashboard for senior management to be able to see project progress at a glance.

SpiraTeam - Application Lifecycle Management

SpiraTeam is an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) system that manages your requirements, releases, tests, issues and tasks in one integrated environment. With integrated customizable dashboards of key project information, SpiraTeam allows you to take control of your entire project lifecycle and synchronize the hitherto separate worlds of development and testing. Comprising SpiraTest and SpiraPlan in one integrated suite, SpiraTeam is the premier platform for managing your complete application lifecycle. Manage and synchronize your development and quality assurance processes to ensure optimum project delivery.

SpiraTest - Integrated Test Management

For the project manager, SpiraTest provides the ability to create, edit, and delete your project's requirements in a hierarchical organization that resembles a typical scope matrix. Each of your requirements is mapped to one or more test cases that can be used to validate that your functionality works as expected. For the tester, SpiraTest provides the ability to execute groups of your test cases along with their test steps so that the testers can follow the instructions and determine if the system being tested behaves as expected. Any deviations from expected behavior can then be recorded as defects/bugs and managed in the defect/bug tracking module. In addition, SpiraTest has personalized dashboards of key project information, a full reports library and the ability to track and manage project releases / versions and their associated test runs.


LogiGear delivers the TestArchitect(TM) toolset at the center of a complete test automation framework that will enable your testing team to test earlier, test more, reduce costs and speed time-to-market. TestArchitect is a key component of the Action Based Testing(TM) framework that enables your organization to align software development and testing groups, unite test designers, testers and automation engineers, and integrate your onshore and offshore testing teams.

Test Case Lab

Test Case Lab is a tool for manual QA engineers. It allows you to follow most of the testing activities: creating test cases, categorizing them, gathering them in test plan and starting test runs. Easily link your bug-tracking system: JIRA Atlassian, Redmine, Pivotaltracker.


TestCast is one of the most advanced TTCN-3 test development and execution platforms that are available on the market. TestCast enables novel and easy to use approach to TTCN-3 testing by providing you the opportunity to edit, compile and execute TTCN-3 tests with well-designed means to analyse test runs. It is a single comprehensive test platform for a professional TTCN-3 tester who wants to go through black-box functional testing. It can be used for testing software or hardware components in a wide range of industries.

TestCast Generator

Elvior's TestCast Generator is model-based testing tool that helps to automatically generate TTCN-3 test scripts from an UML state machine model. TestCast Generator is an Eclipse plugin. It runs on every platform that runs Eclipse. TestCast Generator uses UPPAAL verification engine for test generation, which is available for Windows and Linux on x86 architectures.


Combinatorial test case generator service for improved test factor coverage with fewer test cases. Typical uses include (1) specifying minimum number of test configurations, (2) functional test case design for integration test or system test. Designed for simple operation, the tool easily adapts to complex constraints of configurations and other requirements.


Online test case management tool, allowing you to manage your test plans, test cases and test runs with ease.


Testuff test management is an on-demand service for managing and executing manual and automated software tests and for reporting defects. It is intuitive, easy to use and a "no training required" type of service. At the same time it is an end-to-end solution with all features included. This test management suite includes: Requirements management, test cases, test planning and execution, defect reporting, video recorder and player, time management, integration to all bug trackers and automation tools and much more.

TestRail Test Management

TestRail is a comprehensive web-based test case management software to efficiently manage, track and organize your software testing efforts.

TestTrack TCM

TestTrack TCM manages all facets of the software testing process including test case creation, scheduling, execution, measurement and reporting. With TestTrack TCM, you will test more in less time, while seeing a measurable improvement in product quality.


Creating test cases and sets is easy with this tool. Customizable screens and fields allow users to change and add required data to the tests. A powerful rule engine will keep the QA team in check to produce valid and accurate results. A linking tool enables the association of a single test with multiple test sets without the need to recreate the same test multiple times.


TTworkbench combines two industry-proven technologies: the test specification language TTCN-3, and the IDE framework Eclipse. It is a full-featured integrated development and execution environment (IDE) for every test automation. Defining tests either graphically or textually and executing them interactively or automatically over night. TTworkbench´s intuitive test analysis perspective can be combined with source-code level debugging at run-time.

WebUI Test Studio Developer Edition

A Visual Studio plug-in for recording cross-browser functional tests. Built for developers doing testing, the tool allows test customizations in code within Visual Studio and conversion to unit tests. The solution provides industry-best test automation support for any web application - Silverlight, AJAX, and MVC included, as well as support for Visual Studio 2010.

WebUI Test Studio QA Edition

A point-and-click automated testing tool that helps users build tests in minutes. The tool requires 0 lines of code. Instead, users can use smart wizards to visually highlight an element and automatically generate verifications. Test maintenance is faster thanks to the employed web element abstraction techniques. This allows for an element to be updated once and have the change applied to all tests. Furthermore, you can record and play your tests on IE, FF, and Safari at the same time.


Zephyr provides end-to-end management of the testing lifecycle in the test department including resources, releases and sprints, test cases, scheduling, test execution, defects, documents, collaboration and all aspects of reporting and metrics in real-time. Zephyr allows users to leverage their existing tool investments by providing seamless integration with popular defect tracking systems like JIRA and Bugzilla and interoperating with commercial, open source or home grown automation tools.